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Important - free email access stops March 23, 2017!  This is due to (the email provider) changing their services.

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long live mp3's!

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The friendly mp3 email website is expanding into more subject areas... besides music and downloads. We are starting with a Consumer Information Section, with information on personal finance, investing, real estate, mortgages, shopping, and more. Try this article about stopping junk email. We also will help you avoid spam, junk telephone calls, and other annoyances of life today.

To get away from it all, you can always travel in a plane or boat to someplace interesting and exotic. Or, drive your car to a quiet spot to relax. Have the kids fend for themselves.

On the lighter side, you may run into celebrities, or get a pen pal. Or listen to some music or enjoy a comedian.

New and arriving later 2017 (we hope) - further site expansion and resources.

Or, try our free Project Management Course - mini-lessons to help your career and knowledge of the mysteries of Project Management.

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We offer niche communities, places for people to identify with, while gaining the benefits of belonging to a larger (and growing) group of people worldwide.

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