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    We are always launching new mail names, in different themes and with different country focus. We recently launched free email at latino3000 to serve the latin markets. We will continue to launch country-related mini-portals throughout the year, and invite you to let us know if you have one that you'd like to see launched soon.

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    Hate to have to compromise on your name? Don't want to be Don't like the name your ISP gave you - We list many web-based names to choose from in our partner sites - names like, and New names are being added every week, so stop by to see what's been added lately, or email with suggestions about what to add to our list of names. Get a good name... or maybe 2!

    And, everyone's electronic communication should be zero cost, and fun - and now it is, with up to 6 megabytes of storage - and sign-up is easy and fast. Get your new name in about 2 minutes - and then start with a name you like.

    Coming soon at, ISP and more, shopping, health, and paid ISP email, along with interesting tidbits and stories. Check it out.

    We also have our own low cost ISP. We offer lots of the same kinds of fun e-mail names that you see on this page, but as pop3 mail accounts. Try it out risk-free for 30 days.

    We also have one of our several search engine sites, called Azena. It is the search center for our free email sites, and we are always adding features to it, such as shopping search and auction searches. We have lots more coming in 2001, and invite you to try it!

    Please note that we are anti-spam. We have gone beyond the normal level of effort to report and find spammers who have abused the services offered. This includes both the portals listed here and the ISP portions of our services.

    We have provided services to thousands of people, and continue to provide this on a daily basis. To the tens of thousands of people who signed up as of the beginning of 2001 - Thank you for using our services!


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