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 Top Ten Stopping Junk Email Do's and Don'ts free email address mp3


  1. Don't unsubscribe - this option at the bottom of a junk email message is a trick. If you remember subscribing to the sender, then use the unsubscribe option provided. Otherwise, unless you get more than a few emails over time from the same place, they will be using your unsubscribe to send you more information

  2. Don't view or even pre-view a suspicious message while online - when the pictures used in the message are pulled from the spammer's computers you are telling the spammer that you received the message (even if you don't reply)

  3. Do spend time complaining about spam, responsibly and appropriately.

  4. Don't buy anything from a spammer. Search and find a substitute elsewhere.

  5. Do read privacy policies of every site you give information to. These one-page documents are on every responsible bulk-mailer, and tell you what they will do with your personal information

  6. Do realize that you may have okay'd the spam - if you have ever provided your email address to a company that stated in it's privacy policy that it will provide your information "to affiliated sites"... this means that if they affiliate with 10,000 sites, then you may get 10,000 or more pieces of legal junk email. We do not believe this is responible or ethical of companies to do, but it is the basis for a large number of the spams that people get. Millions of people have wanted to win contests or prizes, only in many cases to find out that they won a slot on the "Wheel of Spam Carousel"

  7. Do Get a disposable or extra email account to give to "suspicious" sites (even if they have a privacy policy that you like)

  8. Don't get too crazy about it all - you have better uses for your energy and talents!

  9. Do be prepared to spend money, time, or both in order to achieve a slimmer email in-box

  10. Do stay informed - technology, laws, and tricks are evolving. Locations of online resources are provided in this book, including sites with news about junk email.


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